Being Hear

A book about being present and listening

Being Hear charts a multi-sensory visual exploration of what it means to be present and our ability to listen to each other and the world in modern technological times. It was conceived as a response to observed behaviors and the effects of social networks. The book aims to encourage readers to slow down, focus, and be more aware of the world and people around them as well as their own behavior and ability to listen to understand—not just to respond.

Being Hear interior book pages
Being Hear interior book pages
Being Hear silkscreen print collection
A selection of the A2-size silkscreen posters produced from the book.

The book exists in two distinct editions — an internal Facebook-only edition of 3000, and a version available exclusively via the Design Museum in London. *Being Hear* also took form as a collection of silkscreen posters featuring key artwork by Fuchsia MacAree and became a vehicle to bring its topics to Facebook offices around the globe as part of a book release tour.

Along with a special set of posters featuring Fuchsia MacAree's illustrations, the book is available for purchase from the Design Museum in London with all sales supporting their youth-oriented design programming.