How Real is a Digital Future?

The Making of An Impossible Project

Is the future digital or analog? Or is it something else — a hybrid of the two? Along with Florian "Doc" Kaps, the man who saved Polaroid film from disappearing, and award-winning Berlin-based director Jens Meurer, I embarked on an adventure to investigate and understand the place of real things in an increasingly digital world.

Doc and I at Supersense in Vienna
Final preparations for the main event at Supersense in Vienna, Austria.

This project was anchored in a feature-length documentary film called An Impossible Project which debuted in January 2020 during IFFR in Rotterdam.

This poster was sent as an invitation to a select group of visionaries for a once-in-a-lifetime event at the incredible Südbahnhotel, located outside Vienna in Semmering, Austria. The event, and the production of the poster itself, were captured on 35mm film for the documentary as well as for a special behind-the-scenes feature.