Through Lines 127

I have a massive soft-spot for Toad the Wet Sprocket. Glen Phillips is a hugely under-appreciated songwriter and lyricist and the band has always been at the top of the pile for their intricate counterpoint melodies.

  • Design Declares caught my eye as someone who’s concerned greatly about how design impacts the use of natural resources and our global environment in crisis. I hope they can find a way to expand beyond the UK and I’d love to know more about real accountability in such a program.
  • Leave it to the genius nerds at Teenage Engineering to make a product like their new Record Factory. Simple, playful, and actually affordable by mere mortals — I bet this will be loads of fun.
  • Fedrigoni and Mohawk both make some great papers so this newly announced partnership sounds like a good one to me.
  • “Perhaps to make sense of infinity, even just a little, is a way to feel some control and comfort in the face of life’s big questions.” A Trip to Infinity sounds like a movie made for me.
  • “One 2014 survey revealed that 62 percent of U.S. children thought their parents were too distracted to listen to them; the No. 1 reason was parents’ phone use.” Ouch, yet probably not at all wrong.
  • The Ocean Cleanup is doing critically important work and their plans for System 03 will help one day eliminate the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
  • I have been captivated by this thread about The Tripitaka Koreana that ended up in my Twitter feed. The process in its creation and ultimately preservation is fascinating.
  • Braun has a new custom typeface called Braun Linear from famed icon designer Stefan Dziallas. Nice.
  • Have I Been Trained? I’m a little afraid to know the answer to this for myself.
  • I wonder what Maple has thought of me for the last few weeks…

Notable Type Releases

  • I’ve been keeping an eye on the teases of Chrysalis from Public Type for a few weeks, patiently awaiting its release and now it’s here! Angular! Shimmery! And I can’t help but see a connection to the design of late 70s Genesis album covers.
  • Dimano has added some weight to Gravity and given it a full range of italics.
  • Typofonderie released Aiglon, which is imbued with European history and aesthetics and features semi-grotesque and geometric characteristics yet remains open and direct as the signage and design it builds upon.
  • Swirl from Blaze Type has its origin in the Type West program. Although it started as a solid style, I think this open, light, and curvy version was the right decision.
  • I can’t think of many typefaces that are as chameleon-like as NaN Tresor with such a wide range of alternates and styles that really transform it with each variant.
  • Raskal from Swiss Typefaces. I mean, wowzers.