Through Lines 109

Although I haven’t had that many real-life encounters with fireflies, they are endlessly fascinating as is evident in this brief film from Sriram Murali captured at the Anamalai Tiger Reserve in western Tamil Nadu, India.

  • I love music and have a particular fondness for the warmth of analog recordings so I’ll be watching Iconic Originals, a new audio format from producer T Bone Burnett to see what, if anything, comes of it.
  • Posters Can Help, a project by the publishers of Slanted magazine to raise important funds for ARTHELPS and Médecins Sans Frontières. Deadline for submissions is the end of June and every submission will be included in the book.
  • I am all in on Taika Wattiti’s “story of a space viking” in Thor: Love and Thunder.
  • I enjoyed supporting Q on his De+Composition project during his 2019 residency in the (former) Analog Research Lab after we met the year prior at the bi-annual Magical Riso conference. This interview with him in Scripted Space is evidence of why.
  • The Font Matrix is a way to mix and pair typefaces like never before.
  • What is life like if we subtract work from it? A good question I’m looking forward to reflecting on over the next month. I kind of already know the answer.
  • I loved Rogue One, so more from that particular era of a galaxy far, far away in the form of Andor makes me particularly happy. I hope writer Tony Gilroy’s comments about the series ultimately hold up.
  • The new Van Gogh Starry Night LEGO set is a delight.
  • I’m looking forward to this new documentary on the ever-brilliant Bruce Mau. Perfect timing with a release on June 7th, just in time for me to be on sabbatical.
  • A totally reimagined Adobe Acrobat is coming. Yay?
  • Corey Marion, a legend in the world of icon design, gone too soon.

Notable Type Releases

  • Louise Fili and co’s new Tipofili foundry officially launched this week for all your very classic Italian-inspired type needs. Great type and equally great portraits of the three members of the foundry.
  • Lenora Grade takes the Didot roots of its companion family, Lenora, and pushes it in a direction that is both elegant and yet still slightly off-kilter with expressive takes on the lowercase a, e, g, r, q, stylistic sets and more.
  • The square counters of Grollera give what might otherwise be yet another sans-serif something unique and particularly evident in the obliques.
  • FontFabric’s new almost unicase, condensed 2 weight typeface Drumnik definitely should not be used small. It’s free too which is nice.
  • Tagada from Laurent Müller seems like something the youth of today might go for. A little trippy in character, it feels like it’s ready to Netflix and chill.
  • Fleish from Delve Fonts, not new per se, but still worth highlighting for being a really great modern take on blackletter. Maybe worth it just for the icons alone.
  • Neil Summerour is up to his crazy type shenanigans again with Crave Aura, part of a larger collection including various familial grades and styles. As ever, lots to like.