Through Lines 108

Watching things like this make me wonder if I made the wrong career choice. Sound design seems like a ton of fun, especially if you have an opportunity to work on projects like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, or other feature movies or shows.

Notable Type Releases

  • Scarlet Script available from Type Network and by SuperType is, as the description says, the child of Girard and Aldo Novarese indeed. And it has the jaunty bounce of the work of illustrator Jim Flora’s mid-century jazz album covers.
  • MD System is an updated and re-released workhorse grotesque type superfamily from Mass Driver. Lots of nice details and polish have clearly gone into this update.
  • Tifo from 205TF and designed by Romain Tronchin is a blocky, Swiss-cheese-like type family, but actually inspired by Italian football banners.
  • The variable bitmap style Metamor Bit brings an interesting experimental idea to the mix by offering up a Glyphs 3 file along with the fonts that allows licensees to create their own textured versions.
  • Colophon released Apta this week with 6 weights/styles and a nice collection of stylistic sets that allow you to tailor the look of the family from Standard to Humanistic to Geometric. Smart.