Through Lines 102

An inside look at how records are made at United Record Pressing, the largest manufacturer of vinyl in the USA. My old band George’s EP was made here, so it’s exciting for me to peek behind the curtain at its origin.

  • I mostly think about peat for the unique flavor notes it adds to Scotch Whiskey, not as a carbon capture system. The more you know.
  • David Shield’s new book, The Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection is sure to be a fascinating and beautiful look at an important historical collection of type. A sure-fire wishlist item. 25% off with UTXM25 too.
  • The trouble with online advertising is that just because the head of the snake was cut off by privacy change, this particular snake is and will just grow a new one elsewhere.
  • As much as I may criticize tech (at least in my mind), if OpenAI's DALL-E 2 works as well as it seems, I can imagine a lot of amazing creative work that could be made with it. Of course, I can also see how it could be used to sow chaos and mistruths too.
  • I so applaud Sharon Van Etten’s decision to hold back any singles from her forthcoming new album We’ve Been Going About this All Wrong so fans can experience the audience as she wants them to — in its entirety.
  • An important milestone this week with Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court confirmation, especially after a difficult journey to that end.
  • You’ll have to pry the em-dash from my cold dead hands…
  • Sneakers are not really my thing, but if they were, this Nike SB x Polaroid collab would be an instant buy for me.
  • I am unreasonably excited for a new season of Barry.

Notable Type Releases

  • Exposure is a new variable font from the 205TF foundry that plays not with width or weight but focus — to delightful and intriguing ends.
  • Big time Euro-vibes with Sudtipos’ new Wienerin. The extremes of the thick and thin ends of the weight spectrum feel like a more modernist Roxy.
  • The sharp, very technical Flecha Bronzea L has apparently eluded me until now, but there’s a lot to like. Good for big headlines, posters, and branding.
  • The sharp scalloped serifs and elegant curves in FontFabric’s new Gwen superfamily are perfect for books, posters, and needs to be in my type library.
  • I’m not sure how I’d personally use the more eccentric parts of Boucan, by Malou Verlomme, but for the right application I see lots of unexpected potential.
  • The most popular font on the internet now has a serif companion with the release of Proxima Sera from the imintable Mark Simonson.