Through Lines 094

A fabulous song that’s been on repeat all week.

  • I challenge you not to swoon a bit of the collection of Milwaukee Transit Passes that are now part of the collection at the Letterform Archive. It’s hard to imagine funding such an endeavor anymore and that’s truly sad.
  • Don’t miss this interview with Bas Jacobs from Underware about variable fonts.
  • Linotype: The Film is a delightful documentary made with a lot of love and care. It also happens to have one of the funniest/saddest moments in any film as a Linotype is ripped apart off a truck in the background during an interview segment. I’m thankful for Doug sharing more of the story of how the film came to be.
  • Not gonna lie, it breaks my brain a little to think that this video (the first part at least) of Io and Europe circling above Jupiter is real. h/t Kottke
  • 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe edition of Rush’s essential 1981 release Moving Pictures. Yes please. Also, this makes me feel old.
  • This is the Star Wars series we’ve been waiting for.
  • Well, now I’m hungry.

Notable Font Releases

  • Awaria from the Laïc type foundry isn’t quite a pixel font but pushes a few bits around to end up with something I can totally see using. Add this to the ‘ol wishlist.
  • Kilotype’s 40 Degrees takes the idea of geometric forms and an extreme italic and goes somewhere entirely unexpected in putting them together.
  • I can really only think of one other typeface designed specifically for use vertically (of course by DJR), so it’s exciting to see Falling Script come out of beta on Future Fonts.
  • More of these “story of” posts such as this one about Streco please and thank you. You can pick up a license on Future Fonts.
  • Ay, that’s a funky Meatballs. Sorry, I’ve very very sorry.