Through Lines 088

I adore this animated short, “Blip” from Hannah Sun. I suspect we can all relate.

  • This behind-the-covers series on Spine is so good.
  • I panicked for a moment when I heard about Adobe removing Pantone swatch books from Creative Cloud, but am relieved to hear there’s a better solution coming.
  • “In our age of climate breakdown and extreme inequality, the hours we while away online are increasingly shadowed by an awareness that, like humans plugged into the Matrix, we perpetuate a system that does not have humanity’s best interests at its heart, a system that may in fact be working actively against us.” Maybe we really did ignore the warnings the original film offered us.
  • There’s a part of me that thinks this might be the best job ever.
  • Speaking of jobs, I can’t help but nod my head in agreement with Jarrett's sentiment towards multidisciplinary or polymath designers — “companies don’t hire people for this expanded practice”.
  • Behind the scenes with the National Gallery’s framing department showing the process of making six huge frames for Titian's mythological paintings is quite simply, fabulous.
  • My pick from the Eye on Design year-end roundup of Best Fonts of 2021 goes to Chaumont Script but hard to argue with Lenora and Roman Grotesque either.
  • Kass was an insta-license. Just look at all those amazing ligatures!
  • Into that new Instagram branding? Interval Type’s Factor A might be your jam.
  • Naipe is a foundry I just discovered but I’m already enamored with their Discórdia mini super-family which I somehow missed on Future Fonts.
  • Asgard Roman. That “g” is so odd and great in equal measure.
  • Paolo Petitgiani’s Infraland photo series is some other-worldly magic.