Through Lines 053

I’ve said it before, but black holes are infinitely fascinating and just plain weird and this animated video proves that pretty well I think. Note to self: stay out of black holes.

  • GT Maru, this week’s new font obsession. The Mega sub-family is especially great.
  • Lovechild from Simon Walker (aka Beasts of England) is all kinds of funky.
  • I’m a big fan of Sadie Red Wing, and her comments at 3:00 during this talk are sadly sooooo spot on. I know because I’ve tried on multiple occasions to desperately to find graphic designers from native or indigenous communities to work with.
  • Big, big fan of Teenage Fanclub’s classic album Bandwagonesque.
  • Pssst, you do know about DJR’s incredible Font of the Month Club right? Best subscription anything out there, period.
  • Just say no to bitcoin and NFTs. We should bury it, not make it more buoyant.
  • That cup, bowl, spoon, fork. All conscious. Well, maybe.
  • If you enjoy inside stories of the Steve Jobs’ era of The Fruit Company, this talk by my neighbor and friend for nearly a decade, Don Melton who led the Safari team for a decade, will be right up your alley.
  • I think Mandy’s totally right when she says “what a lot of people want isn’t stuff but relief” and also “It’s also that the pandemic has made present how little most of our work matters—and how much real work there is to be done.”
  • Dear Disney, please deliver this totally insane tiny Groot robot to my house at your earliest convenience. Thank you, the management.
  • I finally wore out my old slippers and got myself a pair of these Japanese House Slippers. Life changing, especially while still working from home.
  • A new baking challenge for my daughter — the Ted Lasso shortbread!