Through Lines 031

November 20th would have been the 102nd birthday of pop artist and screen printer Corita Kent, an important figure for me. Her approach and the spirit in which it was produced have consistently influenced my own practice over the last several years. Although I’ve shared it before, her Los Angeles studio is still in danger of being demolished and needs your help to preserve it for future generations.

  • This interview between Steven Heller and Josh Clark on what might be the real future of AI and machine learning eases my mind a bit about both. Time will tell of course though either way.
  • If traveling anywhere seemed even remotely reasonable (it doesn’t), I’d definitely want to make a stop at MIT to see this amazing Polaroid exhibit. This Matterport walk-through will have to suffice until the exhibit closes in late December.
  • Swear from Oh No Type Co is something special. Those reverse italics… yowza!
  • The long sold out Ken Garland monograph from Unit Editions is now available as a free PDF download.
  • How am I just discovering Worry Lines now? So so good.
  • This Live from Massey Hall concert series is fabulous. It certainly makes me miss Toronto and all the good shows I’ve seen in that venue — Death Cab for Cutie, Elvis Costello, Wilco, Spoon, Blue Rodeo, and so many others over the years.
  • I’m a total sucker for this kind of vintage interface design.