Pigs on the Wing

A view of the stage with Roger Waters on screen in a dark military outfit bathed in red light and with a giant inflatable pig with glowing red eyes hovering over the audience
Roger Waters performing in San Francisco in a show that’s as subtle as ever

I took the boy to his first concert on Friday night. It was an opportunity to introduce him to the now 79-year old Roger Waters who has found a new place in the world for his music and I suppose also his outspoken politics. But even at 79, he proved that he’s still the master of musical narrative and visual spectacles — and even found a way to transform Comfortably Numb into something that felt entirely new.

It was not lost on me that he (I’d bet intentionally) erased the obvious influence of his former Pink Floyd bandmate David Gilmour in that rewriting. Equally, the statement made by wrapping the Meta logo around the glowing red eyes of the giant inflatable pig surveilling the audience as seen in the photo above I captured during the show.

Well played Roger.