Consider this: we are defined by data more than we are by our red blood cells, raging hormones, and militantly groomed body hair (or not, depending). Our data selves are a string of random facts: searchable, downloadable, marketable — but not erasable. Unless as Douglas Coupland suggests, we destroy the Cloud — that etherial-sounding totality of server farms in darkened spaces that contain the digital doppelgänger of our world.

Shumon Basar

A brief excerpt from a collection of essays1 on technology, privacy, and what Douglas Coupland refers to as “the increasingly real Twenty-First Century). Who are we anymore or who do we want to be: our real selves or the digital representation of who computers think we are? Do enough people care? Does it even matter anymore?


Shopping in Jail (Douglas Coupland, Sternberg Press), 2013 ISBN: 978-3-943365-86-3