A Rainbow Vortex

A Rainbow Vortex set of 3 pixelated 4-color Risograph prints
4-color Risograph frame animation print set

As I’ve been messing about with Processing more and more in my spare time [insert laughter, like I really have any…] I started wondering about how to export higher quality images from the sketches I’ve been creating as Risograph animations. This led me to a Boilerplate project from sighack which does exactly the thing I needed.

It took me longer to read through the documentation than it did to implement this code and export select the frames which comprise a new set of mini-prints. The images were processed for the Risograph using custom color profiles from Color Library along with minor post-processing curve adjustments.

You can pick up a set of these prints (limited to an edition of 25) via the Shop for a measly $12. And because I like you, if you use the code SUPER20 during checkout, you can cut 20% off the price of anything in the shop including these prints!